Minnesota Women’s Press is the longest continuously published feminist print new vehicle in the U.S. After 34 years as a print magazine, we are expanding our digital storytelling, in-person conversations, and solutions journalism. We are seeking partnerships with donors, grantors, investors, and sponsors, and are asking for your help.

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New Ownership

Mikki Morrissette became the Owner/Editor of Women’s Press, starting with the January 2018 issue. Her team is executing an ambitious vision.

2018: New Look, New Voices

In our first year as a new team, we have focused on cover photography and magazine redesign; networking with community leaders to find intergenerational and intersectional voices; and launching a series of MWP Conversations for in-person community conversations. The underlying content theme: women’s natural leadership.

If you like what we’re doing, please consider a donation to our Storyteller Fund to help us expand our priorities for 2019.

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2019: Digital Expansion

This website is our “play” space as we experiment toward a Spring 2019 re-launch. We will build a website featuring diverse columnists and offer audio/video of roundtable discussions with solutions-based leaders. Find our preliminary audio/video space here.

The underlying content theme: stories that are ready to shift from myth and misconception.

Funds needed to expand: Digital content editor, online sponsorships, videographers, website developers.

Evolution of WomensPress.com

2020: Expand Visibility 

Develop sponsored MWP video storytelling and weekly podcast; launch statewide subscription and distribution campaign.

Funds needed to expand:  Multimedia producer, localized reporters.

2021: Specialized Content Development

Offer sponsored specialty e-guides; develop Women’s Press app to collect and disseminate values-based information from women consumers and voters. 

Funds needed to expand: Tech and data support, online designer.

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