We have a first-ever Events Development coordinator to help us create events for intergenerational and intersectional discussions.

You can help us build these events by registering as a Supporter, Philanthropist, or Donor. We also are currently choosing Sponsors to align with our MWP community at these events. Contact Karen@womenspress.com for details.

April 25, 2018: “Powerful Everyday Women,” at Chowgirls venue. Our first MWP Conversation was a success, featuring six notable storytellers and more than 100 women. Focus: how we pledge to use the power of our voice as women this year. Click for storytellers. 

October 16, 2018: “Using Our Voice & Vote,” at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, 4:30-8:30pm with dinner. Focus: community inspiration, tools, and connection for mid-term elections and post-election lobbying. Click for registration.

January 15, 2019: “Healing Trauma,” at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, 5-8:30pm with dinner. Focus: what NEAR science says about the impact of intergenerational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, exploitation — and what is required for healing and restoration.

April 13, 2019: “Embracing the End of Life,” at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, 9am-3pm with lunch. Focus: a day-long event featuring elder care specialists, end-of-life doulas, hospice caretakers, and perspectives on transition.

July 9, 2019: “Restoration,” at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, 4:30-8:30pm. Focus: recorded conversation with select participants about restorative justice, reparation, reformation vs. punishment (for a future deep-issue topic in MN Women’s Press).

December 2019: “MN Women’s Press Changemaker Gala” and silent auction fundraiser.

Spring 2020: “Money Matters.” Focus: women and economic power.

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