We are creating events for intergenerational and intersectional discussions, ranging from large-scale conversations below to roundtable chats and screenings designed to help us capture in digital form the power of women to shift narratives and effect change.

You can help us build these events by participating as a Supporter, Philanthropist, or Donor. We also are choosing Sponsors to align with our MWP community at these events. Contact events@womenspress.com for details.

April 25, 2018: “Powerful Everyday Women,” at Chowgirls venue, Northeast Minneapolis. Our first MWP Conversation was a success, featuring six notable storytellers and 120 women. Focus: how we pledge to use the power of our voice as women this year. Click for storytellers. 

October 16, 2018: “Using Our Voice & Vote,” at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, 4:30-8:30pm with dinner. Senator Patricia Torres Ray and Nekima Levy Armstrong gave a one-hour keynote address about Progressive Solidarity. Breakout sessions focused on voting rights, conversations with those who disagree, talking points related to affordable housing and transformative justice, and post-election lobbying. Click for highlights.

January 15, 2019: “Healing Trauma,” at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, 5-8:30pm with dinner. Focus: what science says about the impact of generational trauma, adverse childhood experiences, sexual assault, and addiction — and what is required for healing and restoration. Click for highlights.

April 13, 2019: “Embracing the End of Life,” at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, 9am-3pm with lunch. Focus: a day-long event featuring elder care specialists, end-of-life doulas, hospice caretakers, and perspectives on transition. Click for registration and details.

July 9, 2019: “Transformation,” at Carondelet Center, St. Paul, 4:30-8:30pm. Focus: recorded conversation with select participants about transformative justice, reparation, restoration vs. punishment (for a future deep-issue topic in MN Women’s Press).

December 5, 2019: “MN Women’s Press Changemaker Gala” and silent auction fundraiser, at Rauenhorst Ballroom, St. Catherine’s University.

Spring 2020: “Money Matters.” Focus: women and economic power.

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