Minnesota Women’s Press has a unique mix of women

•  56% have post-graduate degrees

•  Define themselves as having strong consumer choices: 77% buy environmentally friendly products and 76% buy local

• An equal number access our monthly magazine online as access in print, with slightly higher (33.7%) as a combination of both

• A high percentage use Facebook (71%), followed by Linked In (44%), Instagram (39%), Twitter (32%)

• A large number get their news from public radio (69%), Star Tribune (63%), community newspaper (61%), and MinnPost (34%)

• Would like to see a women-focused podcast (58%) and video storytelling (51%)

The most popular content categories

•  Bookshelf (55%)

•  Conscious Mind (54%)

•  Art of Living (53%)

•  Act Now (52%)

Subset: Readers of more than 15 years

• Have post-graduate degrees (64%)

• Volunteer in neighborhood, peace/justice programs, education, spiritual groups, politics

• Are significantly more news-oriented than our other readers, getting news from a variety of sources


“Uplifting and energizing, informative on many topics, what the younger generations are thinking and acting on, older women with historical perspective on women’s challenges and gains, cross-cultural stories, where women have had success via doing things that are non-traditional”

Subset: Readers of less than a year

• Read it online (58%)

• Highly interested in women-focused podcast (67%) and video storytelling (63%)

• Top content areas: Conscious Mind, Act Now, Art of Living, Ism Schism

• More than 40% donate to reproductive health, racial justice, politics


Women empowering women! The broad scope of issues/topics. The cultural diversity. The community connectedness/awareness. It’s free! The online accessibility.

Subset: Readers under 34

• Define themselves as conscious consumers across the board: 82% buy local, 71% environmentally friendly, 62% women-owned, 56% owned by people of color, 51% fair trade

• Significant social media users: 91% Facebook, 76% Instagram, 57% Linked In, 41% Twitter.

• Would like a woman-focused podcast (81%) and video storytelling (63%)


Real, actionable ideas for change

The effort to be more relevant to more women across ethnicity and generations

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